From the very short crop to the extra long Piaffe whip you will find an extensive range here at Equikro. Major brands include Fleck, Dobert, Trust and Jeffries

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Cottage Craft Pony Whip

Cottage Craft Pony Whip

Fleck Carbon Composite Dressage Whip

Ultralight shaft made of Carbon composite, PU-grip, plastic cap Dressage Whip,120cm

Fleck Carbon Ultralight Jump Bat

Jumping Bat CARBON ultralight PU-grip, 60cm.

Fleck Delta PRO Dressage Whip

Nylon weave, ergonomical shaped DELTA PRO grip, 110cm

Fleck Delta PRO Riding Crop

Nylon weave, ergonomical shaped DELTA PRO grip, 60cm

Fleck Dressage Whip with Woven Flap

Woven nylon cover, FLECK grip,leather thong, 110cm. Available in BLACK

Fleck Feldmann Balance Sports Dressage Whip

Balance-whip, woven Nylon cover, soft rubber, balance-handles, 110cm. Available in Black and Navy Blue.

Fleck Patent Leather Wrapped Riding Crop

Syn. Patent-Leather wrapped, FLECK grip, lacquered PROFI flapper, 22"