Tack Cleaning

Caring for your Tack


Whether it be going cross country over muddy ground, hacking out or working in the school riders can’t help putting their tack through lots of abuse! The dirt and sweat that saddles and bridles are subjected to in their daily use can break down the leather and stitching over time. Not many riders have the time to give their tack a thorough clean after every use but it is important not to let it get out of hand!


There are many cleaners and conditioners on the market now which help to keep tack like new. Here are some of Equikro’s favourites.


It is always best to start by wiping off any excess dirt from the surface then using a damp (not wet) sponge or cloth work your cleaning soap into the leather. Small sponges such as  http://equikro.com/cdm-tack-cleaning-sponge are ideal as they are soft and non-abrasive and small enough to get into all the areas of your tack. Here at Equikro our most popular Saddle Soaps are  http://equikro.com/cdm-belvoir-tack-conditioning-soap-bar and for the competition rider it is http://equikro.com/stubben-saddle-soap-500g2323


Before your tack is fully dried working in a conditioner such as http://equikro.com/passier-leder-balsam1888 or a leather oil http://equikro.com/effax-leather-oil-with-brush   will help to keep the leather supple and thus prevent it from drying and cracking. Don’t make the mistake of using too much oil though as this can make the leather flimsy and also corrode the stitching in older saddles although modern saddles do tend to have synthetic stitching now. Another popular product is http://equikro.com/stubben-hamanol-leather-care-250g2324 as it refreshes the leather and helps to restore texture and grip.


Passier have a  Bridle Cleaner http://equikro.com/passier-bridle-cleaner which can be sprayed on to the leather and allowed to penetrate before wiping of the foam and it is ready to go! It cares for the leather, nourishing it from the outside as well as the inside, keeping it supple and smooth and thus prolonging its life span. With its gentle ingredients it means that Passier Bridle Cleaner is also extremely suitable for daily use


For a quick clean for after you ride or for at a show for example tack cleaning and tack condition wipes can be very useful. These Lexol Cleaner Wipes are our favourite and you can always find these in the lorry http://equikro.com/lexol-leather-cleaner-quick-wipes