Equikro Rider - Eilidh Sutherland

Name – Eilidh Sutherland
Age – 24
I Live – Edinburgh
Favourite Things – Chocolate, Tiamo and Gary my fiancé!
Most Disliked Things – Windy weather, spiders and not getting enough sleep!
Essential Piece of Kit – Fiona MacDonald (my sister/long suffering groom), My Petrie Boots!


Name  Tiamo V
Age 13
Colour  Dark Bay
Breeding  KWPN by Flemmingh
Level Competing Medium

Eilidh and Tiamo

Aims for 2015 – Find a new young dressage horse to train up the levels :)

Biography - I started working at Equikro in March 2012 after being a customer there before. I have ridden since I was 6 years old and waited 6 years till I got my first horse Roxy, who is your typical naughty first pony that taught me how to ride and stay on!! It was with her that I got into dressage as I had no other choice as it was the only thing that helped to keep her sane. I still have her and a mini Shetland Dennis that live close by to me. I then moved on to a 15.2hh welsh x where I started to do affiliated dressage and BYRDS. I sold her in 2010 to a Pony Club home as I wanted to do dressage to a higher level and Ciara did not, so I bought my current horse Tiamo. It took me a while to get to grips with him as it was such a change from my previous horses and I am still learning so much. We moved to Katie Smith’s yard a couple of weeks before the summer regionals last year –which was only supposed to be for a couple of weeks training but we are still there a year later!! Thank you Katie and Nicky Smile We are now competing medium and hoping to have a go at advanced medium later this year – he might find the flying changes away from home a little to exciting however!