Ariat Boots

Why Ariat?

Ariat is the trusted name in equestrian footwear, matching style and comfort with durability and value for money. Ariat was founded by two riders whose objective was to create the most advance performance footwear for the world’s top equestrian athletes. They could see that although there was a significant amount of performance footwear available for most other athletes, for equestrian athletes there was none. So they worked with top footwear engineers and designers to create the world’s most technically-innovative riding boots that we know and love today.

This level of technology comes at a price, and this is why Ariat boots are not the cheapest on the market. However, we here at Equikro all have first hand experience of Ariat footwear and can honestly say we think it is a truly worthwhile investment. Whether riding or on your feet all day at a show they really do offer the ultimate in comfort and help prevent those other aches and pains we often get. We have also found that once our customers take that first step in an Ariat product they really appreciate the difference a quality product makes and rarely chose anything else.

Heritage III

The Heritage III offers wearers a quality boot suitable for riding, yard work and even casual wear. It is crafted from full-grain leather with a breathable lining which has moisture wicking properties, allowing the foot to remain at its optimum temperature, whatever the weather.

The padded collar at the top of the boot combined with Ariat's 4LR™ technology provides real comfort that lasts all day long. As Ariat's entry-level technology the four Layer Rebound (4LR™) Technology provides exceptional value without compromising on quality and comfort.

Ariat Boots

The 4LR Footbed, featuring four-layer high-density foam offers cushioning and energy return for all day comfort. Whilst the moisture-wicking liner wicks sweat away, keeping your feet nice and dry. The contoured heel cup stabilizes and supports the foot whilst the arch support simultaneously encourages good posture and reduces foot fatigue.

The shank is composed of a super lightweight material that insulates the foot against the cold, keeping your feet warm in winter. The broad shank shape helps the wearer to maintain their balance and promotes correct body alignment, reducing the stress on other areas of the body such as the hips and back.
The self-cleaning Duratread outsole gives unrivalled durability. Composed of the same material and technology as some car tyres, the soles will last and last.


For a practical and versatile alternative to long boots, try pairing the Heritage III Paddock Boot with a pair of Ariat chaps. We particularly like the Close Contact Chaps  for those after that ‘second skin’ feel of custom fit long boots or for a more substantial chap with a padded inner panel try the Ariat Classic Chap III.

For the professional on their feet all day and those after the next level in Ariat technology try the Cobalt footbed available in the Devon Pro Boot.

Choosing the correct size

From our many years of fitting Ariat boots we have found that the majority of our customers require half a size down from their usual footwear size. So for example if you are normally a UK size 6, you might find that a UK size 5.5 fits you better.

Caring for your new boots

We recommend that all boots are wiped clean with a damp cloth after every use to remove mud and stable residues.

If your boots become saturated, as is all too often possible with the great British weather, remove the insoles and loosely stuff the boots with absorbent paper or newspaper. Allow them to dry at room temperature, away from direct heat and not on top of the aga!

Once thoroughly dry, we recommend that they are conditioned using Ariat leather conditioner and polished using the appropriate coloured polish.

Polishes not only give your boots a lovely shine they also contain waterproofing agents which can help extend the life of the footwear. Ariat’s Waterpoof Aerosol Spray can be used to further protect your boots from the wet weather.

Cleaning and conditioning of your Ariat boots should be undertaken on a regular basis, just as you would care for your saddle and bridle.