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Kennedy Equi Products Irelands Leading supplier of Horse Shoe Studs,Horseshoe Tools, Horse Spurs ,Horse Bridles and Easy Tap,Easy Spur and other Horse Related Products.

Kennedy Equi Products Ireland Manufacturers of Horse  Studs, EasyTap, Easy Tap, Easy kit Products . Kennedy Equi Products also manufacture the superb range of EasyStuds and related equine products. All products are manufactured with high precission by our skilled staff . View our site for a selection of : Pointed Horeshoe Studs,  Square Hore shoe Studs Oval Horseshoe studs, Dome Horseshoe Studs, Sleeper Horse shoe Studs, Road Horsehoe studs. These studs can be purchased in an Easy Kit which will have the Easy Tap and Easy Spanner for easy fitting to the horse shoe. Made in Ireland these horse stud and related products are used by top riders Professionals.

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Horse Health Bionic Stud Wrench 6"

The Bionic Stud Wrench is so easy to use -- no more guessing at stud sizes. This stud wrench adjusts easily by squeezing and turning; it distributes equal force on all sides of the stud. Will not slip, strip or round-off fasteners. It's easy on your knuckles, too. Corrosion resistant. Lifetime warranty.

Kennedy SKD 16mm Stud

Firm to Yielding Ground. We recommend you use SKD Studs on the inside with pointed studs of the same length on the outside