Stirrups & Leathers

Equikro stock a good range of stirrups and stirrup leathers in a variety of qualities from brands including Stubben, Anky, Passier,Sprenger, HFI, Ascot, Free Jumps and Schockemohle

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Equiline Safe Riding S1 Stirrups - Beige

The SAFETY FIRST models are the only 100% safety stirrups. The tech rehearsals provided by the laboratories demonstrate and certify that, by applying a minimum traction force to the middle point of the branch (2,5 Kg), our stirrups open completely to free the rider in any situation.

FreeJump Soft Up Pro Stirrups

SOFT'UP PRO is a new single branch riding stirrup which combines comfort, safety and simplicity.

FreeJump Soft Up Lite Sirrups Childrens

NOW IN STOCK - The Childrens version of the 'FreeJump Soft Up Pro Stirrups'. These are designed for the young champion up to 60kgs bodyweight. The 'Soft Up Lite' is a single branch stirrups which have been reduced in size directly inspired from the 'Soft Up Pro'. They have the same flexible branch system offering maximum safetly, performance, resistance and reliability. They are available in a wide selection of colours as well.

Lorenzini Titanium Jump Stirrup - Royal Blue

These fantastic stirrups are not only a stunning fashion item with many colour options but are designed with ultimate rider needs * They have an inclined foot plate to facilitate easy foot entry and release * Aerodynamic side and underside struts to facilitate airflow * Ergonomic shape to allow rider to release stirrup in the event of a fall * Enlarged side for superior surface of the foot's lateral support * Knurled titanium footplate (6.5cm) guarantees excellent grip and wear resistant.

Shires Compositi Reflex Stirrups

With glass-fibre reinforcement, the swivel sole of the REFLEX stirrup is positioned on a shock-absorbent layer to relieve tension from knees and joints. The slender profile has been designed for quick foot release in an emergency. High resistance to shocks and damp, even at low temperatures. Available in a a wide variety of colours to match in with the rest of your competition wear.

Dever Flexi Irons

Dever Flexi Irons

Polly Products Sure Grip Stirrups

Brilliant light weight stirrups with super grip treads

Cottage Craft Peacock Stirrups

Cottage Craft Peacock Stirrups

Cottage Craft Fillis Stirrup

Cottage Craft Fillis Stirrup