Fly Veils

Fly veils are designed to protect your horse or pony’s sensitive face from the irritation caused by flies and other insects whilst ridden. Here at Equikro we stock a wide variety and brands from Spooks to Equiline. Some fly veils can be used to muffle noises for horses who can react to loud noises which hacking, schooling or competition.
More and more fly veils are being used as fashion statements and can complete you horses look perfectly.

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Equiline Ace Ear Net

The Ace Ear Net from Equiline matches beautifully with the Brooke Saddlecloth to complete the ultimate matchy matchy look! Contrast binding in luxury cord with the Equiline logo in the middle.
£38.99 £25.00

Equiline Freddy Ears

£40.50 £25.00

Equiline Jole Ear Net

Double rope binding ear net with 'Equiline' outline logo in studs matching colour of fabric.

Kingsland Isa Fly Hat

Cotton croched fly hat with lycra ears. For shows/ competitions. Detachable KL logo patch in front. Order extra flag patch (162-AC-579) for national representation.
£32.00 £25.00

Kingsland Lecia Fly Hat

Crochet cotton fly hat with tie down loop for better fitting. Lycra fabric on ears. Ribbon with sequins in front.

Kingsland Quebec Fly Hat

Crochet fly hat with elastic ears. KLD metal cross in front. Tape with sequins along edge

Equiline Biddy Ear Net

Ear Net; It provides relief from flies. Embroidery shield patch with bicolour stripes, contrast colour rope.
£49.99 £30.00

Equiline Long Ear Net with Loop

Solid colour ear net with a loop that can be attached to the bridle for better stability on the horse’s head. Can also be per sonalised with piping.

Euro-Star Gradient Fly Cap

Fly cap made of soft cotton with elastic ears made of jersey. To match the Saddle Pad Gradient with two cords
£24.99 £20.00

Equiline Dany Horse

£49.00 £30.00

Equiline Elisa Ears

Crocheted fly hood made of cotton, it has fine elastic ears. It has a cord in lilac colour that recalls the Equiline logo embroidered on the front, embellished with rhinestones, studs and silver thread. Why not buy the Elisa Saddlecloth to complete the look?
£38.95 £25.00

Kingsland Alex Fly Hat

Chroched fly hat with elastic ears. Crown patch in front.
£39.99 £25.00